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Ramstein Winter Wheat

Also referred to as a Doppelbock, this is the strongest beer made by High Point. Rich creamy head with bouquet of wheat malt, black current, clove, and apple. Deep full flavors of caramel and chocolate malt balance with hops for a smooth warming character. The finish is smooth and malty leading to a subtle alcohol and dark caramel finish. The wonderful balance of this beer provides a complex profile that hides the 9.5% alcohol content. The perfect companion for a cold winter night.

Starting Gravity: 21.5 ° Plato
Finishing Gravity: 3.5-4 ° Plato apparent
International Bitterness Units: 20
Color: 30-35 EBC (69-72 SRM)
Alcohol by Volume: 9.5 %
Available: Mid-November



"Excellent Weiss beer” –Time Out New York, 2002

“A lovely quaff with notes of roasty carob and chocolate.” –Rolling Stone Magazine

“Powerfully enveloping, deep and complex” – Michael Jackson TOP

Ramstein Maibock

Rich Amber Bock brewed with Vienna and Munich malts. Pure lager yeast ferments this beer to create a deep malty character with a hint of caramel toffee aroma. Robust noble hops and 7.5% abv. intertwine the malty and toasty flavors. Historically, this beer is brewed once a year to celebrate the “Stark Bierzeit” (strong beer season) and to welcome the warming Spring Sunshine. (Draft Only)

Starting Gravity: 16.0-16.5 ° Plato
Finishing Gravity: 3.5-4 ° Plato apparent
International Bitterness Units: 35-40
Color: 16.0-17 EBC
Alcohol by Volume: 6-6.5%



Rated #1 new beer –BeerAdvocate.com, April 2004

Silver Medal –TAP NY 2004

“Great malt character and body” –Ale Street News 2001 TOP

Ramstein Oktoberfest

Recreation of an authentic German Oktoberfest beer from the early 1900s. This amber lager has a rich malty aroma, a smooth toasty palate, and subtle noble hop finish. The richness and spiciness of this beer make it the perfect accompaniment to robust meats and grilled fare. Oktoberfest is a great beer for any festive occasion.

ABV: 6%, draft only.
Available: Sept. 1 — Oct. 31.